Launch Party 2016

The year is going fast with the first flakes of snow tumbling down, seeming to announce winter before the leaves have even finished falling off the trees to mark the end of autumn. With the cold weather and long nights, it can be easy to think there is nothing to look forward to now till Christmas, but think again.

It is at this point we would like to extend to you a warm welcome.

Yes, extending is the key word here, as of Saturday 3rd December we officially open our new restaurant extension

We have also just launched our BRAND NEW MENUS!



With space for an extra sixty guests we can now welcome more people at those busy times. Extra room, extra smiles, same great food and service and all in time for Christmas. This area can also be booked for business and private parties so whether it is a special occasion, a charity fundraiser or just an excuse to get together; we really do have the place for you.

Remember we can also offer free table decorations (Monday to Thursday) as a finishing touch.

VIP & Open Launch Dates

We thought we’d set the trend, opening with our own extension launch party on Saturday with a VIP on Friday. Tables for the VIP night are now full (waiting list is available) but we still have availability for the Open Launch Party on Saturday 3rd Dec, tables can be booked in advance to join us for the celebrations.

On the VIP night the wonderful Sofia will be singing live for your entertainment, afterwards we have a disco; giving you not only a chance to strut your stuff but a good excuse for ordering a desert!


We will shortly be announcing the live entertainment for Saturday’s launch, it’s going to be a fun night with of course our delicious NEW menu!


Call 01706 260 656 to BOOK for our Open Launch today!