Why eating chillies is cool

Well it’s officially summer, whether the weather agrees or not.

Long cool drinks like ice cream milkshakes are the beverages of choice for kids of all ages with the more health conscious amongst us opting for lighter options like salad in a bid to stay cool.

Hold your horses!

However, we may be getting it wrong as research suggests something a little different. Spicy food! Yes, I agree not the first thing that comes to mind, but spicy food really could help keep you cooler better and for longer than your favourite iced treat.  It makes sense really, think of the diet of people who live in hot places like India and Mexico for example.


Now for the science bit

When you eat ice cream for example your body temperature goes down rapidly to start with.  However, this will have the opposite effect long term as your body works to over compensates for this by rising your overall body temperature.  In other words, you’re back to square one.

Spicy food on the other hand raises your body temperature in a bid to match the temperature around it. This makes you sweat.  Not only does the act of having wet skin make you feel cooler but every drop of sweat that evaporates from your skin takes some of the heat with it.

Don’t believe me? Use a damp cloth and wet one arm but not the other. Stand in front of a window or outside, feel the difference?

Why not put it to the test yourself?

With a vast menu to choose from Anar Kali not only gives you plenty of choice but all the dishes are rated mild, medium and hot putting you in full control.  So put down those ice lollies and chomp those chillies.